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*Find height restrictions with each ride*

Children's Rides

Kiddie Swing

The excitement begins when you get strapped in and just keeps on getting better. Be prepared to enjoy this one over and over!

Min Height- 30"  Max Height- 52"



Watch your child’s delight as they wrap one hand around the steering wheel and grip the ‘gun’ with their other. Flying through the air on the ever popular “Sky Fighter” just like some of their favourite cartoon heroes.

Min Height- 30"  Max Height- 52"


Frog Hopper

Enjoy hopping down this miniature drop tower for parents and kids alike.

Min Height- 36"



Water + boats + children = squeals of delight. Hop into your “outboard” for a quick cruise. Don’t be surprised if you hear “Just one more time pleeease!” as you prepare to lift your Captain off the ride.

Min Height- 30"  Max Height- 52"


Bulgy The Whale

Kids will feel like a whale jumping out of the ocean.

Min Height- 30"  Max Height- 52"



Just the right size for that too small for… and not big enough for… child wanting to show their independence. Take a scenic winding route through “Turnpike” country. Lots to keep the imagination busy even after the eyes begin to close for the evening ride home.

Min Height- 30"  Max Height- 52"



Let's play in the dirt! Your child will love climbing into these mini bulldozers. Smiles all around.

Min Height- 30"  Max Height- 52"


Regular Rides


Show us a child and we’ll show you the carousel. They just go so well together. Watch the smiles of delight on the children’s and their helper’s faces as the carousel tunes, laughter and excitement blend. An absolute favourite. The beautiful 30 horse, 36 ft. Allan Herschell Carousel.

*Under 42" must be with adult*


Spin The Apples

Bright and shiny in their primary colours: red apples, green apples, yellow apples which spins the fastest?

*Under 36" must be with adult*


Streamline Miniature Train 

Wind your way around Tinkertown passing through our 18 hole mini-golf course and through a tunnel, Hear the whistle blow at the crossings and watch for the wildlife. Wave at fellow merry makers as you pass by and they turn to watch. This 1950’s vintage G-16 Streamliner Miniature Train was built by the Miniature Train Co., Renselaer, Indiana. Powered by a 4 cylinder Wisconsin gas engine, it will cruise at    10-12 MPH on the straight-a-ways. Our Streamliner Miniature Train will carry 70 passengers in it four coaches.


*Under 42" must be with adult*

Ferris Wheel

The day after; “Tell me what you did at Tinkertown?” “I went on the ferris wheel and saw the tops of the trees and the birds and clouds and the whole entire parking lot and they looked so small…” Don’t just experience the joy through your child, ride with them and share the delight! The ever thrilling Eli 16-Seat Ferris Wheel keeps them coming back again and again for that “Birds Eye View.”

Min Height- 34"                *Under 48" must be with adult*



You likely don’t pick your older child up now and play airplane with them like when they were just little, the Tilt-a-Whirl can do it for you. They’ll get that same ‘out of control’, wild feeling and walk just a wee bit unbalanced when they get off with a silly grin on their face. “Spin Like Crazy” on the tilt with its hot new colors! Built by Sellner Mfg., Faribault, Minnesota.


Min Height- 32"
*Under 48" must be with adult*

Tug Boat 

Come sail away, come sail away

Bon Voyage! Come sail the seas on the Tinkertown Tug Boat. 


Min Height- 32"
*Under 32" must be with adult*

Bumper Cars

Perfect for the child that has reached the ‘just big enough’ stage to enjoy the enthusiasm and determination needed to get where your going in a bumper car. Take your teen on and show them how it’s done. Our bumper cars are always a hot ticket item and are enjoyed over and over again by all ages. “Bump into someone you know, or don’t know” in western Canada’s only, very unique, timber frame, bumper car structure.


Min Height- 32"
*Under 48" must be with adult*

Tin Lizzie Car Ride

An absolute delight for young and old alike. Go back to a gentler time when everything moved a little (OK a lot) slower and your Tin Lizzie actually had a personality unique to it. We have several of these unique little cars for you to personally drive around the track. Western Canada’s only “Tin Lizzie” manufactured by Gould’s MFG. of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

*Under 48" must be with adult*


Whacky Mouse Roller Coaster

The Whacky Mouse is a moderate speed, family coaster. Adults and children can sit together comfortably and enjoy the ride.

Min Height- 32"
*Under 48" must be with adult*


Sea Ray

Ahoy Matey! Board this vessel for thrills of ye ship on the unsettled waters of Tinkertown. This ride is a joy for kids and adults. See ride restrictions for height limitations before boarding!

Min height- 36"
*Under 48" must be with adult*
Children 36"- 48" must be in middle seats only


The Scrambler

This ride will keep you scrambled for more thrills. This ride has moderate G-Force that will keep you smiling from start to finish.

Min Height- 36"
*Under 48" must be with adult*


The Paratrooper

A twist on its neighbor the Ferris Wheel, the Paratrooper offers a great view of the park and an enjoyable ride.

Min Height- 42"
*Under 48" must be with adult*



Will you stay low or fly high? As a pilot of your own aircraft, the choice is yours!

*Under 36" must be with adult*



Get ready to fly high! This swing ride will have you soaring high and tilting at any time. This ride is loved by all!

Min Height- 42"


Barrel Of Monkeys

Spin yourself as fast as you want while you swing from side to side in your barrel!

Min Height- 32"
*Under 36" must be with adult*



Hang on to your hats!!

Up and Down and around to the point that everything around you becomes a blur. So, buckle in and slowly feel yourselves sliding towards the center of your cart.

Min Height- 36"
*Under 48" must be with adult*


Giant Slide 

Slide into fun!!

Hang on tight to your mat as you fly down the Giant Yellow Slide. Lots of screams and giggles to be had.

*Under 36" must be with adult*

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